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Furniture should be comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing, and looking at what furniture costs, should have a long service life.  My goal in life, besides hitting the lottery, is to produce tables, benches, lamps or whatever else you desire using quality wood products and methods.   So much furniture is made now using inferior materials and poor methods, pieces that have a life expectancy of 5 years, to be replaced with something ‘new’.  Replacing lower quality pieces can  be as expensive or more so than buying higher quality that doesn’t need replacement.  

When it comes to the tools I use, I get the best that I can afford.  Quality tools last longer and more importantly, help me produce a higher quality product.  Quality materials are also necessary.  They take a better fit and finish  which in the end results in a happier customer.   Each piece I produce is unique, unless you request multiples of it.